What do Global Warming and Religion have in common?

Religion is a mess. No really, if you’re devoutly religious, then you’re practically an atheist.

You believe in ‘this’ because ‘of that’ and yours must be the one true deity, or deities.

Now there are thousands of gods, ranging from creators, to sky gods, earth gods, anthropomorphic beings like Death and Fate, psychopomps and even heroes and demi gods like Heracles, Maui, Gilgamesh and Vali. If you are to believe anything, believe that Math is real, which brings me to the elephant in the atmosphere.

Global warming is real, mathematically and indubitably real. It’s the scientific equivalent of 1 add 1 equals 2.

You see pretty much everything can be explained by math. It is all around us, even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work… when you go to church… when you pay your taxes. It is the World. It’s also why the universe could be a computer simulation. I don’t buy it though as processing for quantum calculations… anyway.

When I said Global warming is as easy as 1 + 1 = 2, I wasn’t being irreverent. You see it is quite literally that simple. Sunlight is constantly passing into our atmosphere, and on its way in, it is striking and passing through all the gaseous molecules in the atmosphere. It hits the ground, and is reflected back out into space, also striking all those molecules on the way out. IR radiation, also called heat, is part of that reflection. As we burn carbon sources, primarily oil, gas, coal and wood, the carbon combines with oxygen to form CO2, and some other nastier ones but in thankfully small quantities.

This reaction doesn’t reverse straight away, as it took millions of years for oil, gas and coal sources to build up in the earths crust. Once you covert it to gas, it will stay that way unless it is absorbed by various chemical or biological systems.

Now it has also been recorded that the quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere has increased from a little over 300 parts per million, when records began, to 400 parts per million just a few years back, and the temperature has increased as well. This shows that the chemical and biological systems are not reversing the reaction fast enough to combat the rate of burning all of the oil, gas, coal and wood that we consume annually.

As this number of CO2 molecules increases, the more chances that heat will be absorbed by that molecule and kept in the planet’s atmosphere.

It’s as simple as this, imagine you have a hypothetical heat gun, 3 pennies and a pan of vegetable oil. You’ve heated up the pennies til they’re nice and toasty then tossed them into the oil. The oil will reach a higher temperature. Now using 4 pennies and casting them in, you’d see a higher temperature than using the 3 pennies. That’s because 4 pennies combined, holds more heat than 3 pennies combined, exactly like a quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere.

It is basic thermodynamics, a system that has been observably proven since the start of the universe, and has been experimentally tested and proven for hundreds of years. Unlike religion, this will not have changed again in the next thousand years.

So where does the math come in with religion? I mean religion is pretty cut and dry as a point of faith. You don’t mathematise faith, as it is a belief in something greater than yourself, a mystery that can’t be solved. Well when you add all polytheistic faiths and the monotheistic ones, you get a stunningly large number or gods, and you don’t believe in any of them besides your own religion.

In order to choose your religion, or not as the case may be, you likely have to ignore the existence of all others. In essence, the only difference between an atheist and the religiously devout is one last step. It makes no mathematical sense, and it practically screams that we’ll believe any old thing if the songs are good and you’re promised free stuff.

So why are you religious? Probably the same way football supporters connect with each other, but this is about math, not the hand of god.


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  1. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written much better! Looking through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I most certainly will forward this article to him. Fairly certain he’s going to have a good read. Thank you for sharing!


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