The meaning of Life

“What is the meaning of life?” It’s an answer I’d come up with a long, long time ago, and it made me really think about who I was, and the people around me. At the time, I decided that people are the same everywhere, and that anywhere was the same as here. I discovered the true... Continue Reading →


Bad Ghost writing

I wrote this as a bad ghost writing challenge from an author I like. I won't say who because I feel like a monkey throwing insults, and by insults I mean shite, and by shite, I mean what follows... The beast was coming. The dew lay in its cut-flower silence awaiting the shout, and it... Continue Reading →

Blowing off steam

Scotland should quit trying to gain independence, and have a referendum on voting england out from the UK. Hell Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales would get to border off england. You can practically hear the national glee in that sentence alone! You see however england votes with its huge, heinously saggy landmass, it invariably screws... Continue Reading →

An Epiphany

I was soul searching yesterday. Please excuse the quasi-religious phrasing, I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of the Soul. Except for Dark Souls. That's actually a thing and it's great, so go play it, because you will just die! I was tangling my mind in the ephemeral concept of being myself when an Epiphany was... Continue Reading →

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